Profiles of Resilience: Trinity Cox


“I first began my formal training in the art, at the age of 13. During these years I didn’t have a love for ballet, I actually never liked having to do it. However, every teacher I came across would make me aware that there was something special inside of me and they never failed to recognize the potential. As time went on (sophomore year in high school), I became more serious about my craft, ballet especially. Although my parents support my career 100%, I have always felt inferior to those who would be a part of various dance competitions, summer intensive and expensive studios. Three years before entering college, I was accepted as an apprentice at a local studio, Jubilee Dance Theatre and for a while that had been my main and only source of training. Currently, I am a BFA Major at Alabama State University, headed to Fordham University. I thank God for placing every teacher and professor in my life because it made me the person/artist I am now. Many people don’t know that I have never been to a summer intensive even after being accepted to 3 of Joffrey’s program, as well as ADF at Duke University. God just has other plans and forgoing these opportunities have not hindered me but have molded me and is making me strong. Experiencing the bigotry of me working to become a professional ballerina is something that keeps me going. There are times, I’ve felt that people have tried to keep me in a box because classical ballet isn’t “for me”, but that is like music to my ears. My resume is not filled with prestigious schools of dance, but I am headed for greatness. When the time arrives, I will share my entire story with the world. I can write out every accomplishment since entering college just in 2013, but there is much more to come, and for this I am eternally grateful.”

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