Building Momentum | Ballerinas Do It Better

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Although we have far to go, we are building momentum and we’re very grateful for that. In this past month we’ve gained more support than we could have imagined. With the help of Ingrid Silva, Alison Stroming, Daphne Lee, Danielle Wallace, Lauren Anderson and Misty Copeland we’ve sold about 9 ‘Ballerinas Do It Better’ tanks (woo-hoo!) Although we have made an initial commitment of $1500 to award our scholarship winner, it’s important for you all to know that all extra donations and funds acquired will go towards that same scholarship and can help with more than just paying for classes, as some of you know Room and Board, food, pointe shoes and leotards etc. aren’t included in class costs and could still hold a student back from attending classes. Wouldn’t it be great if we could give someone 3 thousand, or even 5 thousand dollars to attend their classes next year? We think that’d be great! Help us get the word out, share our posts, tell a friend to follow us on Instagram @ProjectResilience and send us your stories of resilience! We are accepting submissions until April 1st of 2016. Thank you all for the love and support!

Remain Resilient,

The Project Resilience Team


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