About Project Resilience

 An initiative of advancement for the urban artist/athlete we call “Ballet Dancer”

     Currently, Project Resilience is offering a $1500 scholarship to a lucky ballet dancer out there whom we deem to be ‘The Resilient Ballet Dancer of the year’. To be considered you must submit your name, age, planned summer intensive [ You have a choice between, ABT, DTH or Houston Ballet.] and your current dance studio name to ‘info@ProjectResilience.us’  . Please include a short video explaining why you’re a ‘Resilient Dancer’. Deadline for submissions is April 1st 2016. Awardee will be named May 13th 2016.

 This initiative will highlight the perils and adversity that the urban ballet dancer overcomes to stay focus-driven in perfecting their God given gift/passion daily. We intend to explore the path of the ballet dancer who comes from poverty and struggles with simply paying for classes to be a part of a prominent dance company.The Misty Copeland’s who come from an unsupportive family yet still strives to be on stage at The Koch Theatre or The Kennedy Center in front of hundreds or thousands, the Lauren Anderson’s who deal with racial implications in pursuit of her craft, and the dance student who deals with a treacherous environment daily simply to achieve her dreams of “Prima Ballerina”.

 We have currently gained the support of American Ballet Theatre soloist, NY Times Best Seller and Time’s ‘100 most influential people’ awardee Misty Copeland, Houston Ballet instructor, ballet pioneer and history’s first black ballet soloist Lauren Anderson, and many more. By creating profiles of every submission (our supporters included) we intend to create a medley of ballet dancers all striving to actualize their dreams.

 Our mission is simply “To introduce opportunity and advancement to hard work and resilience”


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